"Integrity Culture Enters Campus" officially launched

月30日 上午,实验中学举行了隆重的“廉政文化进校园”活动启动仪式。 On the morning of March 30th , the experimental middle school held a grand launch ceremony of "Integrity Culture Entering Campus". Secretary Peng Shoucai presided over the meeting. Principal Zhao Yongfang spoke at the launching ceremony.

First of all, the significance of "integrity culture into campus" was explained, and then the implementation plan and specific measures of our university's "integrity culture into campus" activity were briefly introduced. Finally, all teachers and students were required to take action actively, respond to the party's call, and everyone participated in " "Integrity culture into campus" activities, the school's administrative leaders, teachers, and students have launched a "three integrity" education activities of honesty in politics, integrity in teaching, and self-cultivation. To create a "clean, honest, and harmonious" culture of a clean government inside and outside the school.

Teacher Wang Jinyuan spoke on behalf of the teachers of the school, asking the school staff to achieve three views: life, world, and values; Yang Sande: social morality, family virtues, professional ethics; creation of three energy: subject teaching ability, education research ability, level management Ability; Carry forward five kinds of spirits: the dedication of lifelong teaching, the professionalism of serious coaching, the spirit of gardeners who love students, the spirit of hard work, and the spirit of dedication.

Ms. He Qi spoke on behalf of the students of the whole school, asking them to strengthen self-education of "reasonableness, self-cultivation", and achieve "integrity, discipline, obedience, honesty and honesty. I hope students will start from childhood and start with me From now on, they become incorruptible. At last, the teachers and students of the school held the sworn activity of "I am clean in my life" in the face of the bright red flag.

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